I always loved the Dove campaigns- seeing the different infomercials made me feel more like a woman. It was nice to see women from different backgrounds being displayed on television for once. I think I speak for a lot of women when I say I was tired of seeing the same old models showing up in advertisements. You know the models with no glitches but reek of absolute perfection. I wanted to see real women, women that reflected my community, women that looked like ones in my school, my doctor's office, in the grocery store. These everyday women were beautiful and Dove did something groundbreaking, they took that everyday woman and gave her a television screen. Nevertheless, even though I could relate to these women something was missing. A group of women was missing -- this group of women that looked liked me. I’ve grown up experiencing what’s it's like to be the only one. The only black, the only one in a wheelchair, the only one who was sick, the only one with no ear, the only one with a crooked face. And for a long time, that was okay. It didn’t bother me so much because I figured in all literal sense I was the only one. But that bubble quickly burst when I stumbled upon a community. A community of people that looked just like me. Here I thought all this time I was the only one when in reality I was just one out of thousands. In coming into this realization, I wanted to change things. I wanted to change the world I saw around me. I wanted people to see what I saw, and that was the world of Difference.

I began to look at media different; the more I got exposed to the world of Difference the more I saw that Difference was missing from the rest of the world. I began to ask myself the questions “ how can we get people to see Difference?” How can different people meet the rest of the world? It seemed as if people like me have been kept in isolation. Hiding from the rest of the world in fear of being mocked or shamed. But times were changing and what was once called ugly was now being called Beautiful. And a community that was once looked to as being Deformed was now being called Different. Even though I loved campaigns of Dove, I now had a deeper desire to be represented. I wanted the Difference of my community to be reflected too.

This is why I joined the Dove campaign. I once read a quote that stated: “ the ones who think there are crazy enough to change the world usually do.” And I have to say, I am one of those people. I truly believe that my Difference can change the world. Although campaigns like Dove are so important for young women in my generation, it's important that we continue to expand the scope of beauty. Because sometimes it's not what we think it should look like. For me, beauty is having one ear and crooked face, for my friends with facial Differences their beauty may mean having shortened limbs or toes. I want the world to notice our difference and to acknowledge publicly that we are beautiful too! #MyDifferenceisBeautiful #BeautywithaTwist

To Join this campaign and show Dove the Beauty in your Difference you can visit the site at

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