Embrace the new you!

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Let your difference change the world.

"When you’re on the path of embracing a new You, it can often feel different."

I used to walk around in what seemed like garments of Low Self Esteem and Confidence. It was like I couldn’t wait to get to that place where I just felt comfortable in my own skin. Flash Forward 5 years later and I can honestly say, I FEEL GREAT!

I entitled this blog post “Embracing the New You” because after we have walked through the trenches of low self-esteem and confidence; eventually we will emerge from out of the cocoon into beautiful assured, authentic and audacious Butterflies. Coming into the fullness of who we are in Christ, being able to identify our purpose in life is one of the most exhilarating moments one can come to life.

However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that going into uncharted territory can be a little scary. Anytime you take on something new, sometimes it can take awhile to adjust. Think of it as a new pair of shoes. Yes, the shoes are shiny and are a great fit, but every new pair of shoes must go through a period of breaking in . Just as it takes time to break into new shoes, so it takes time to break into a new You. You wouldn’t throw a new pair of shoes away just because they are a bit uncomfortable. No, you become patient and begin to wear them everyday until the leather settles in… into what once felt new and uncomfortable becomes the new normal.

When you’re on the path of embracing a new You, it can often feel different. Like a feeling inside that’s unexplainable. It’s like a that was once dim becomes gradually brighter. In embracing a new you, you begin to feel a plethora of emotions, things you’ve seldom thought before challenges you never had to face before. And yet you don’t back down or scour in the corner draped in timidity and fear, but the new You causes a boldness to roar out of you like a lion and you begin to see yourself how God sees you, bold and Beautiful. The New You may look and feel different, but its right, its sooo right!

So I challenge you as I challenge myself, that as you go into the New Year, Embrace that person that you know God has called you to be. Embrace the Bold you and the Beautiful You, Embrace the Fearless You and the Confident You. I know it might be a little scary, but you’ve worked too hard to become her. You’ve travelled too far just to meet her. She’s worth getting to know. Shed off the old and Embrace the New, the world is waiting for the amazing person who were always meant to be!

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